Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Enfield

Today is the last day of my work week.  Looking back over my A-Z posts, I fully realize they get worse each day... I blame this on brain drain.  My day job is mentally exhausting- at least that's my excuse for today's post.  I don't have it in me to write a story.  Instead I will hypothesize about the traits of this unusual creature...

Enfield (Heraldic) - Fox-greyhound-lion-wolf-eagle hybrid

1) How are these parts arranged? 
~I'm going with Wolf's head, eagle's beak, forepaws of a lion, whip-like body of a greyhound, and hind quarters (and cute bushy tail) of a fox.  Oh, and eagle wings- of course.

2) Abilities?
~Sharp, deadly beak
~Strong, burly front legs, good for deadly swiping
~Agile, since the rest of it's body (greyhound/fox) is so light and fast
~Last minute addition- third eye in the middle of it's head, an eagle eye that only opens when it wishes to see miles into the distance.... or possibly into the future?

3) Weaknesses?
~Will do anything for a fish (you know, eagle beak)
~Needs a really big scratching post
~Can't fly too long- those wings just aren't big enough, well that and it's akward... the front is so much heavier than the back it flies with its butt in the air.  All the geese laugh at it.
~Weak against anyone who will scratch behind his ears... or scratch that area on his butt that he can't reach.

4)Possible origins?
~Twisted science lab
~Humans trying to create magic powder (like fairy dust) accidentally spilled it on the lab animals
~Billionaire decides to create his own exotic pet (cause Bengal tigers just aren't good enough)
~God was bored

~Personal protection for the rich
~Guards a mythical realm- Faerie, Heaven, the underworld....
~Guards my underwear drawer from alien vampire ninjas

Now... everyone go write a book about the Enfield!


  1. laughs softly I think this character belongs to you. But it is a fun way of going about the designing of one "Enfield"... what colour is it? Where does it live? How do you find one?

    Nice to meet you fellow A-Z'er!

  2. It is the same color as all of it's creature parts. They are pretty elusive and hard to come by, for example, I once unearthed one under the tangled undergrowth of grapevines and wild raspberries that had taken over the back yard of the bank repo we bought... I had to be careful as I cut him out of there. You don't want to mess with a pissed off Enfield!

  3. Use number 4 definitly. The Enfield sounds pretty kick butt.

    1. Natalie- thanks for stopping by! Your comments made me re-visit my older posts...I was really off my rocker this day. I just LOL'ed at myself :)


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