Here are some sites and tools that I've found incredibly helpful thus far in my bumbling... ah, I mean graceful journey:

A Seriously Easy Way to Convert Microsoft Word Files to E-pub Format Using Jutoh (video tutorial)
I haven't used this yet, because I have only published at Amazon and Nook, both of which are easy to format right in Word.  However, if/when I do decide to branch out, I think this will be helpful.  Let me know if you've used this!

A Great Blog Post With All Kinds of Resources for Everything You Need (Anne R. Allen)
Links to tools for formatting, word processors, back-ups, organizational tools, and e-book creators.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Great resources for non-members on the craft of writing and the business of writing. Includes Writer Beware, which is a fount of information regarding potential scams and how to avoid them.

Absolute Write
Tons of info. I suggest reviewing the resources page there, as it is quite extensive.

Bookends Literary Agency Blog
This blog is full of great advice for writers on a wide variety of topics.

Larsen and Pomada Literary Agents
Check out the links titled "The Savvy Author" and "Resources" at the top of the page. There is information on the whole process, from writing to publishing and beyond. I found this helpful as someone who is new to all of this. 

Miss Snark, Literary Agent
She no longer posts to this blog, however all of the valuable- and often HILARIOUS- information is still available.  Sometimes, when you are obsessing over your millionth query and rejection, what you really need is a dose of say-it-like-it-is humor!

Helpful Tool- WordWeb
This was recommended to me by a beta reader, and I use it all the time.  It is a free dictionary/thesaurus download.  While working on your manuscript, if a word doesn't look right (Hey, is that supposed to be hyphenated? Is it all one word?) just press control and right click on the word and voila- definition, spelling, and synonyms.  Best of all? This tool is FREE! I believe it only works on windows operating systems.

Query Tracker
A great resource for researching agents, tracking your queries, etc. Many helpful bits of information.  Basic membership, which includes all the relevant features, is free.

Agent Query
A good place to find agents. One word of caution: always double check the agent's website for information on how to query, etc.  The info on AQ may not be the most up to date.

Writing Tips
Lots of good stuff here.  I've linked the section on narrative and dialogue.

Holly Lisle's website this amazing woman takes giving back to a whole new level.  She has put so much thought into the multitudes of information available here.  Check it out!

Nathan Bransford Blog
He is a middle grade author who used to be an agent and currently works in publishing.  There is great info to be had, and I just enjoy his style, humor, etc.

Publishing Terms
This is also on Nathan Bransford's blog, and was recently referenced by Victoria Strauss of writer beware as a good resource for becoming familiar with the lingo.

More Publishing Terms
Also thanks to Ms. Strauss, this set is from The Editorial Department's website.

Some Info on Contracts
-The Authors Guild on improving your book contract
-KeepYourCopyright.org provides examples and discussion of actual book contract clauses, good and bad.
-Advice on book contract clauses from intellectual property lawyer Daniel Steven .

Formatting for indie authors
I have not used this service, however discovered them through another author's blog.  I intend to keep them bookmarked, as the rates seem pretty reasonable.

Covers for indie authors
I have not used this service, however discovered them through another author's blog.  I intend to keep them bookmarked, as the rates seem pretty reasonable.

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