I have a couple of short stories available for free!

You can grab my short fairytale romance, Crow, at Smashwords or Barnes and Noble. 
Myra's job is to help humans live alongside their fey neighbors. But what happens when one of them claims her life in exchange for those of the humans she is trying to protect?


You can get a free copy of my short fairytale romance, Mer, when you sign up for my mailing list. (No spam just updates on new releases). Sign up here!
Taryn is determined to get a shot of the creatures that lurk in the cold depths of Lake Huron. But is she chasing them...or are they chasing her?

All I ask in return for freebies is that you spread the word.  And if you could spare a few minutes for a review I would greatly appreciate it.  Enjoy!


  1. Please do more of these! I adored it. :)

    1. Thanks! I have another in the works, which will coincide with the release of the Earth and Sky sequel. Stay tuned!


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