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A Secret Sky
E-published November 2015 here
Savannah's home has been invaded by aliens--but these gentle giants aren't wielding rayguns. When she falls in love with one of the enlightened beings, she follows him across the universe.  But their meeting may have just doomed the entire planet. 

No soundtrack for this one.  It was inspired by the poetry of Rumi.

Earth and Sky 
(E-published March 2013. E-Book. Print Version.)
Wren has trained for war since she was a child, but a secret bond with the enemy causes her to question everything she’s ever known. Steampunk? Yep. Alchemy, Shifters, and winged, vampiric Fallen Angels? Yeah, it's got that.

Unofficial soundtrack:

(E-published March 2013. Kindle.) 
When Ada wakes with a strange man in her sleeping bag, she has no idea that the dazed, dirty, and naked man is actually a Kelpie- a horse-like creature with an affinity for water.  Soon Ada is forced to choose sides in the secret war between the humans and the ruthless fey-a battle in which she risks losing everything she holds dear, including the man-or beast- of her dreams.

Unofficial soundtrack:

(E-Published April 2013 here)
Five years ago, a car accident left Melody with a traumatic brain injury.  Melody falls in love with a beautiful man she meets on the subway, however their relationship is doomed by the insurmountable obstacle of her disability--and his immortality.  

Unofficial Soundtrack:

Moonlight Calls
(Demon's Call trilogy book 1)
 (e-published here May 2013)
The most powerful creatures of the supernatural community are inexplicably drawn to Mya, but she refuses to acknowledge the power growing inside her- not the least of which is the ability to make the undead explode on contact.  Aided by her sexy roommate and a powerful new lover, she struggles to stay under the radar and out of the hands of monsters that would use her for their own gain.  This is the first in a series of books centered around a heroine who is half human, half succubus… and all attitude. The other books in the trilogy are Blood Beckons, and Destiny Decrees.

Unofficial Soundtrack:

Kami Cursed
(Originally written as Julianne Price)
 (e-published here June 2013)

Yesterday, Kit Callahan was fourteen years old.  Today she is a seventeen-year-old resident of the local psychiatric hospital- all thanks to an evil library book. 
Freed from insanity by her best friend, an infatuated younger boy named Ryuu, Kit awakens to a world of cursed objects, evil kami spirits, and Shinto legend.  Armed with a blessed baseball bat, a talking dragon, and a few Buddhist monks, Kit sets out to cleanse the world of evil one cursed object, Shinto prayer, and failed math test at a time. 

Unofficial Soundtrack:


(e-published here June 2013)

“You have five days to find the key, or death will visit your waking world.”  Rebecca is trapped in an endless dream- and the grim reaper wants to play.
Rebecca must fight her way through a series of fantastic creatures who force her to face her deepest pain and her innermost fears as she searches for the key to her escape.  She finds an unlikely ally along the way- but the two broken souls soon discover that this fantasy world is more than a dream, and that one of them is running out of time. 

Unofficial Soundtrack:

Short Story
(e-published here July 2013)
Evvie hates farm life and longs for the day she can finally go to college in the city. But when she takes shelter in the stormy woods one evening, she meets a sexy creature who convinces her that the city might not have so much to offer after all.

Unofficial Soundtrack:
Anything Apocalyptica 

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