Sunday, April 22, 2012

R is for Raven

I had a little hiatus for a couple of days.  Happy to report that the first draft of my most recent WIP is complete and has been sent out for critiques! After that, I decided that I really needed a mental rest.  But now it's time to catch up on my A to Z posts!

Raven- Much of the time, Ravens are associated with dark, scary symbolism.  There is so much more to them! Ravens are actually viewed by many cultures as oracles, and are so intelligent that they can be taught to speak.  In many legends they were seen as beneficial to man, and were even thought to bring knowledge.  I found it interesting that in some cultures they were even associated with sun deities.

I turned my head to and fro, surveying the wide stretch of land below.  A carriage and small entourage of soldiers appeared around a bend in the long, winding dirt road. I stretched my glossy black wings in anticipation, and giving a cackle of farewell to the birds perched on in the old tree where I sat, I launched into flight.  The Prince's carriage rattled near and I glided downward,the wind rippling through my feathers.  

His wedding was tomorrow, and he was likely going in to the town  to search out a gift for his bride.  Our Prince was a kind and sincere man, and he would one day be a ruler who would lead the humans of this area into a golden age.  That is, if I managed to warn him about the assassination that would happen at tomorrow's ceremony.

My long, powerful claws scrabbled for purchase, and I landed on top of the coach.  The driver gave me a startled glance, but didn't shoo me away.  He knew that ravens were oracles.  Good.  That would make my job much easier.  I thought of the ignorant farmers and their scarecrows, and an odd little snort of indignation left my sharp beak. 

Stretching my wings for balance, I threw my head back and called, "Cras, cras,"  the Latin word for tomorrow.
Side note: One of my all time favorite creatures is the Japanese Tengu, a crow demon or deity.  The manga Blackbird stars a (perverted) Tengu.

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  1. wow this is a great story, the vast elasticity of the voacbualry and the the way you imply blackbird the manga into it I really love it you should try participateing for the publitzer prizes they'll publish your story if you win, I wish you good luck and keep on with the great stories they're wonderfull


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