Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Fairy Doctor

 A Fairy doctor- is someone that has within them the ability to communicate with the fairy folk.  People would often enlist the help of a fairy doctor when they suspected they were having difficulties with their Good Neighbors.  The fairy doctor would tell them how to appease the fairies. (I'm not making this up.  They really exist/existed...uh.. the fairy doctors, I mean.)

I pulled up to the small farm house at noon on Sunday.  It was a charming little place, white with quaint green shutters.  The yard and driveway were lined with big, mature trees and rows of flowering bushes.  As I slid out of the car, a light breeze ruffled my hair, washing me in the scent of flowers and fresh cut grass. The whole place had a relaxing vibe, and I felt my shoulders drop and my breathing slow, despite my nervousness.

I braced myself and hiked my purse up on my shoulder, still feeling foolish about this whole endeavor.  Who in their right mind believed in fairies?  My feet crunched loudly on the gravel path as I made made  my way to the front door, my head turning to and fro as I took in the wealth of growing things lining the path.  I started up the front steps, pausing as a voice drifted on the wind.  I followed the soft song around the corner of the house to find a woman taking laundry off an old clothesline.  

Her long, wavy silver hair drifted about her shoulders in the breeze and her song became a muffled hum as she stuffed a couple of wooden clothes pins in her mouth.  She deftly folded the shirt she had just taken off the line, and dropped it into a bit wicker basket, before removing the clothespins from her mouth.  I cleared my throat to let her know I was there and she turned to me with a warm smile. 

"You must be Anna,"  she said as she lifted the basket and headed my way.  "Let me just bring this in the house and I'll get you some tea. Then you can tell me about your wee fairy problem."

I didn't say anything, just followed her up onto the porch.  She gestured to a table and chairs.  "If you'd like we can take our tea out on the porch.  Its such a beautiful day."

"That would be nice,"  I said, dropping into a chair.  

She was back a few minutes with an honest to God tea service, complete with a couple of big, lumpy scones. "Now then," she said, taking a sip of her tea.  "What is it that's bothering you?"

I cleared my throat nervously and stared into my teacup.  Was I really doing this?  A softly lined hand slipped into my line of sight, patting my hand familiarly where it rested, curled around my cup.  "I know its a pain, but we'll get them sorted out and everything will be right as rain."

I met her blueberry eyes.  "Do you really believe in fairies?"

She snorted and withdrew her hand.  "Dear, my family have been fairy doctors for ages.  I can't blame people for not believing what they can't see.  But I can see.  I have no excuse to play ignorant."

I took a deep breath.  "I think there is something living in my house.  It... well I swear sometimes it folds my laundry.  I'll find things put away in places where I wouldn't have put them.  Mostly its harmless- even helpful.  But lately it's like having an angry three year old in  my house.  I find cupboards emptied, movies and books pulled off the shelves.  My house is a mess!"

She only smiled.  "It sounds like you have a house sprite.  They are incredibly beneficial and kind- you're lucky to have them."  She wagged a finger at me.  "But even they have their limits.  Have you been putting milk out for him? Or maybe bits of bread?"

I frowned and shook my head.  "What?"

"I'll come and pay you a visit later this week. Once I know just what kind of sprite it is, we'll know what it is that he wants."  She shrugged.  "Then you can mend your relationship with him and he'll go back to tending your house."

I shook my head.  A live-in maid that I couldn't see all for the price of a bowl of milk?   



  1. This sounds like a delightful problem to have! :-)

    Some Dark Romantic

  2. Fairy doctor, that's awesome. I wish I could be one, or just meet one so we could hang out with some fairies. Awesome post and happy A-Z blogging.
    P.S. LOVE Dobby.

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  4. This is amazing. It realy make you want to read on. You know theres also a book/show/manga about fairy doctors. I find them facinnating. WOuld'nt it be great to meet one? Anyway, this story is great. Well done.

    1. Earl and Fairy?! I know! Love that manga/anime!

  5. I know! It's so great! :D the novel is great too.


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