Friday, February 14, 2014

Weekend Giveaway

Check out Survivor free on Amazon this weekend!

Five years ago, a car accident left Melody with a traumatic brain injury. For years, the wheelchair-bound, cognitively impaired woman has struggled to accept her new life and to let go of the dreams she once had. During a chance encounter on the subway, Melody meets the handsome and eccentric Peter and assists him to escape a group of men who are pursuing him. Melody falls in love with Peter, however their relationship is doomed by the insurmountable obstacle of her disability- and his immortality.
Death is only the beginning for Melody- and vampire blood is no quick fix. Peter’s powers can heal physical wounds, but cannot touch the recesses of her damaged mind. The brain injured immortal finds herself struggling for her sanity, as she fights to once again accept her role as a survivor, and her weaknesses as strengths. As their relationship grows, Peter shows Melody that even if your life isn’t what you would consider “normal,” you must do something meaningful with the time you’ve been given. SURVIVOR is vampire romance with a sweet side.

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