Sunday, February 9, 2014

Critters Romance Workshop

Critters is a wonderful place to critique and have your work critiqued in just about any genre you can imagine (including art, etc.)  Reading other author's works and getting exposure to a wide variety of readers and opinions can be very valuable.
I am part of the Romance section of critters.  I've noticed that there aren't many submissions lately and thought  I would pass along an invite.  Membership on the critters website is easy, free, and can be terminated or placed on hold whenever you please.  You critique as much and as often as you feel like it.  If you submit a piece you have to have a certain ratio before it goes up (I think 70%?) but it is usually easy to achieve by just looking at a few pieces when you submit one of your own. 
The best part here is, since there haven't been many submissions on the Romance section, when you put something up, you don't have to wait the typical couple of weeks before it goes up.  It's almost instantaneous. 
Come join us! Comment here if you join and post and I'll make sure to look at your piece! 

Happy writing!

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