Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Writing Outside Social Norms

After a big stressful job change (voluntary but messy), and a whole bunch of self-exploration... I'm back! Whew.  I missed me!

I've talked about this before, I think, but it's worth touching on again.  I've recently given myself permission to write the story that I want to write, even though it is one of the weirdest concepts I've come up with.  I think that's why it won't leave my brain.  Because it's so weird that I want to read it!

I've pushed social norms a bit in my Demon's Call trilogy, in which my main character's sexual exploits are a bit...open minded.  But that's easy.  Everyone fantasizes, at one point or another, about multiple partners.  However in this story that  I've just started, I'm exploring things that are new to me. For example, how can I write, and write well, about a gay male relationship when I'm a heterosexual female? I've finally just given myself permission to write whatever the hell I want- which was harder to accept than I would have thought.

Still, I'll be delving into not only homosexuality, but social norms, stereotypes, prejudices, relationships between men and women, religion, and a lot of other sticky (insert bad pun here) subjects.  People are bound to find issue with something I am saying in there. And though I tell myself "who cares." It's easier to say that than it is to believe it.

How about you?  What's something controversial or "sticky" that you've written about?


  1. Good for you for writing what you want! The fact that you're excited about it and enjoying yourself will really make it stand out!

  2. I worry a bit about how folks will respond to the things that I write (which I find sexy). I mean, I can be all "different strokes for different folks" about stuff, but plenty of folks can't. Whatever.

    You have to write the story which calls to you and that's the end of that. Research, connect with folks who can advise you on the "truthiness" (thanks, Stephen Colbert) of your tale when it's stuff far from your own experiences. But write what feels right, yo. :-)
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