Tuesday, November 27, 2018

New Ebook! Forever After Trilogy of Fantasy Romance Novellas Out Now!

Hello out there. It has been a long time since my last blog post--life happened. However I am happy to announce that I've completed and released 3 new novellas. You can get them all as a box set here!

The story of Alys, a human changeling who is determined to become more than a servant. This box set contains the complete Forever After Trilogy of novellas:
*Book 1: Light of Day
*Book 2: Dark of Night
*Book 3: Forever After

From book 1:
Eighteen years ago, my parents traded my life to save my baby sister. Faerie magic is wild and willful, and to deviate from my place as a changeling servant would mean risking my sister’s life. I’m well cared for by my fae master, a froggy old bogle who isn't half as fearsome as he pretends to be. But I can’t help wanting more. 

Stolen trinkets and hidden mementos from the human world, glimpses of another life seen through books and plastic toys, and thin spots in the veil between worlds—they aren’t enough. I want to go home. However, my heart is growing more attached to this world, and to one beautiful, eccentric elf. I just might give up humanity to stay at his side, even if I’ll never be anything more than a lowly servant. 

But my elf has secrets of his own, and they are more dangerous than my magic binding or his disregard for the line between light and dark….

Author’s Notes
This series overall has varying levels of heat, as well as occasional violence and adult language. 

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