Sunday, April 16, 2017

Love Yourself More!

April A to Z Blogging Challenge, hosted here.

My theme this year is exploring the link between mental health and creativity. See my stance on this here.

 L M is for Love yourself More

I think the whole concept of loving yourself gets tossed around much too losely these days. To me loving yourself is more than just accepting yourself as you are and calling it good. To my way of thinking, when people have a flaw, they are all too ready to just say "but that's who I am so I'm going to accept that." I'm not saying you should be overly critical of yourself or hate yourself. But what I am saying is that if you REALLY loved yourself, and this life, and the chances you've been given, you would strive for more.

Some practical examples (sorry, someone out there is probably going to be offended, shrugs):
A person who is 100 pounds overweight but says "I'm just curvy. I love myself."
A biter narcicist who can't get along with anyone says "I'm just introverted. That's just who I am."
Someone who is so painfully timid that they can't get ahead in anything says "I'm just not a go-getter. That's okay. I love myself."

I'm sure there are better examples. But you get my point. There is acceptance and love, and then there is just plain avoiding reality and hard work--laziness or dysfunciton under the guise of something else.

When we raise a child, we often make them do things or not do things and it makes them angry and disgruntled. But a parent enforces these limitations and sets these expectations precisely BECAUSE they love.

If you love yourself you will work on the areas that are difficult for you, whatever they may be. NOT because you have to live up to some standard or ideal set by society... but because you want to grow into your full potential!

If you bring this kind of loving attention to your self you will thrive. And if you bring it to your work and your creativity the world will be a better place for your spark being in it.

Love yourself More.

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