Monday, November 23, 2015

A Secret Sky- Alien Romance Available Today!

Drum roll please ....
My new e-book A Secret Sky is now available!
A Secret Sky is a light-hearted romance with elements of fantasy and light sci-fi (this is NOT your typical space adventure!) Enjoy a little steamy alien love today;)

It just doesn’t seem right that green men from another planet could be so attractive.  Or so compassionate, intelligent—and infuriatingly moral.  Savannah is beginning to think her thankless life of healing sick critters and battling multiple sclerosis was preferable to the excitement of her own personal alien invasion.

When a group of aliens invades Savannah’s historic St. Augustine Florida home, the unwilling hostess and tour guide slowly finds herself developing feelings for one of the pointy-eared, chi-wielding giants.  Knowing her battle with Multiple Sclerosis will rob her of her future, the young veterinarian gives up her last years on earth to follow the alien biologist, Eirian, across the solar system.  However, Eiri's interest in earthlings brings danger to their doorstep.

A desperate refugee race of aliens, driven from their own planet and aided by Eiri's ex-crewmate, want earth as their new home.  And they plan to extinguish all human life to get it.  Savannah and Eiri struggle to enlist the help of his passivist planet, but are unable to shake them from their position of non-violence and non-interference.  They must unite two groups of people, worlds away in both the physical and spiritual sense, before it is too late for both worlds.

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