Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Insecure Writers Support Group

The first wednesday of the month is Insecure Writers Support Group day, a day when we insecure word nerds get together to vent and to support each other as we conquer our insecurities.

Just lately, I've been lacking motivation.  I think we all get to that point sometimes when we wonder if it's all worth it.  If all this damned work and stress is ever really going to amount to anything.  You'll hear that old adage about writing for the love of writing and not for financial gains.  Doing it for the love of the craft.  Because you can't do anything but write.  

Okay, so yes, on some level that's still true.  But come on!  What writer out there really would rather just write for fun and never be able to make a living out of it? Who out there, after spending god only knows how many thousands of hours working on this manuscript, squeezing out as many words as they can during any free moment- when the rest of your family is taking a nap, when you have a few minutes break from your "real job," or in the middle of the night when any sane person would be sleeping- shunning social interaction for the company of imaginary people, feeling guilty because you'd rather be writing, trying to function at work and home while juggling not only the work of actual writing, but blogging, facebook, book promotion, research, and "honing the craft."  Who in the world does all of that and never wants to, you know, get paid for it?! No one I know.  So don't give me that speech.  Blehg!  Sometimes a girl just wants to express some honest to god frustration, okay?!

Nonetheless, we often need some motivation.  So here's a little pick-me-up.  Screw the sunshine and rainbows and altruism... ;)

Too harsh?  Not laughing? Fine, fine, heres an actual motivational quote for you ;) Have a great month, and try not to be so hard on yourself if you hit a rough patch.  We all do.  Keep your eye on the prize, and all that...jazz.... In the meantime, next time an insecurity creeps up on you, you show it this baby, then channel that angst into your manuscript!
Cause you know what?  You're a writer.  You can make anything happen!


  1. Love the demotivational posters!

    And hang in there--you'll get your groove back! :)

  2. Okay, all of them are funny, but that last one is hysterical. I love it. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  3. Ha! Great post. And I get it!!! There are seriously days I think of tossing the laptop out the window. But I actually got so frustrated once I did something stupid, really stupid. I hit delete. And I mean, a finished MS, delete. I will never, ever do that again. LOL

    Meredith’s Musings

  4. Ha! I love that last one. I just went through a whole lot of unmotivated blahness myself, lately. Then suddenly things just turned. I do write for the love of the craft, I don't expect to get rich off of it, but it would be nice to make a little something, yes. Not gonna lie, but I also know I'm not one of the lucky ones to have it happen with just one book.

  5. Writing and expecting to get paid? Who does that? oh, wait... yeah all of us :D
    I read all the time other writers who say they don't care about the money... I don't always believe them o_0

    Frustration? I know it well, I'm currently in the process of pulling all of my hair out lol

    Ok, those are awesome motivational posters. LOVE the HP one ;)

    1. Please don't go bald ;) Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Those were funny!
    I never want to just write for a living, but I do like the getting paid part.


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