Sunday, July 14, 2013


I am making a pretty significant change in my life soon.  While this change is going to undoubtedly be a good change, there is also a lot of uncertainty on my end.  I keep flip-flopping and second guessing myself, talking myself out of it, etc.  Today I was actually able to put pen to paper (couldn't do it yesterday because I was so frozen with fear and anxiety), and I found - big surprise- that this has been the only activity thus far that has allowed me to let go of my anxiety.  Even meditation hasn't been this effective.
It is amazing to me that when my heart and soul are this conflicted and fearful, that one simple act- putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard- could help so much.  And I just assumed that my voice would be choked off, and my fingers stalled.  But they weren't.

How about you?  Has writing ever gotten you through any difficult or scary times?

Oh, and I can't believe I didn't post this this weekend (obviously that's how distracted and freaked out I've been!).  Pooka is free for another hour or so.  Check it out over at Amazon.

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