Saturday, March 30, 2013

Freebies and New Stuff!

Earth & Sky is still free through today (Saturday).

And when you're done with that, check out my next book Kelpie!

            When Ada wakes with a strange man in her sleeping bag, she has no idea that the dazed, dirty, and naked man is actually a Kelpie- a horse-like creature with an affinity for water.  He insists that he is a fey, and that others of his kind are hunting him.  Driven by an instinctive, primal fear of the unseen things moving in the forest, Ada flees the camping expedition.  However, she can’t bring herself to leave the defenseless and obviously confused man to wander the woods alone.  Believing him to be homeless, she plans to take him to the shelter the minute she gets back to town, but she can never quite bring herself to ditch him. 
            Ada resists her attraction to the beautiful, delusional man, until an unusual gift leaves her with the ability to see through fairy glamour.  Now she is forced to choose sides in the secret war between the humans and the ruthless fey-a battle in which she risks losing everything she holds dear, including the man-or beast- of her dreams.
More to come on what I've learned about the process thus far (not a lot, but might be helpful to someone like myself who had no clue how this all works :)

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