Thursday, November 8, 2012

Energize and Create

I was looking for an active way to fight the energy/creative drain and thought- hey, lets turn this into a sharing opportunity!

55 Ways to Get More Energy (from the Zen Habits website)- I might just go change my socks!

20 Ways to Energize out of Your Slump (Scott Young's Blog)

10 Easy Ways to Instantly Energize Your Creative Powers- from a copywriters blog.

I noticed that music turns up a lot- what songs/bands/artists do you listen to when you need a pick-me-up?


  1. Digitally Imported's dubstep channel.

  2. Chocolate is always a go to. Not the best, but I love it as much as it loves expanding all the wrong curves of my bod lol!!

    As for music, it depends on the mood. Linkin Park or Evanescence if I need a gutsy pick me up. Otherwise, I like listening to my Jesse Cook station on Pandora, flamenco is pretty inspiring.

  3. I do love me some Linkin Park and Evanescence :) And Flamenco! How can you feel tired when that's playing. Genius!

    Dave- Trance? Techno? Again, you certainly can't feel too tired :)

    Thanks guys!!


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