Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Critique Contest!

Good morning.  First off, I would like to proudly declare:  it's snowing in Michigan and I'm thrilled.  No, honestly.  I love the seasons.  I love every bit of it, including a nice, cold, white winter! I'll never understand why everyone here that I say this to shakes their head in disbelief.  Honestly, why live in Michigan if you hate snow and cold? I don't get it...  I mean, besides the car accidents... that I understand only too well in my line of work ;)

Anyway, Agent Courtney has opened up a critique contest.  Get it while it's hot! It's open until November 9th, I believe.

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  1. Snow?! How awesome! (I nearly said cool but just couldn't ...) It's supposed to be 80 F here in South Texas today, but in the 60s for highs next week. I'm a cold weather person--long story how I ended up here--so I'm always jealous of my Northern blog friends when they talk about their seasons. (We have 2 here: Summer and warm Spring.)


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