Sunday, May 27, 2012


 I don't know about you, but I often feel bombarded by negativity.  Watching the news, for example, always leaves me feeling like the world has gone to shit, humanity is worthless, and if there were a God he needed to step in and intervene, like, a eons ago.

So I feel it is especially meaningful that I just found not one, but two wonderful posts that were positive and inspiring.  It's nice to hear good news.  To know that it's not so much the world falling apart, as it is media catering to sensationalism, etc. 

The first post was on Timothy Brennan's blog, and it celebrates the 90th birthday of Christopher Lee. Enjoy! 

The second was posted by Janet Reid, and highlights a touching political moment, as well as serving as a reminder that all great people are, at their core, just like us.  Inspiring for character development, no? Enjoy! (This link will take you to Ms. Reid's blog, and from there to the article, as I wanted to give her credit.)


I'd love to hear your musings :)