Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Naga

 Nagas - Nagas are human from the waist up and snake from the waist down and are often seen wearing hooded canopies or with seven or more heads. Both sexes are extraordinarily beautiful and several royal Indian families claim to be descended from them. They bite humans who are evil or destined to die prematurely. Buddhists regard them as minor deities and door guardians

Neil pushed his way through the thick underbrush, cursing as a wild raspberry bush attached itself to his arm with stinging ferocity.  He could have sworn she came this way.  He licked the back of his scratched hand and took a moment to slip the binocular strap from around his neck and stow them in his backpack. 

Birdwatching.  It wasn't something he would have gone for normally, but developing new hobbies was supposed to keep his mind off drinking.  He was trying to grow up and break out of the immature habits he had picked up in college.  He was getting too old for benders- as evidenced by the fact that he was apparently hallucinating.  No way had he really seen the hottie in a tube top, dashing through the thick forest as if she were out jogging in the park.

There was a soft sound to his left and he jerked into motion.  He was just in time to catch a flash of long, tangled brown curls and... green pants?  He dashed after her.  "Hey, wait a minute... ah, shit!"  He tripped and tumbled headlong down a hill that had been hidden by a thick growth of gorse bush.

Pain shot up his leg and he let out another yell. He tried to get up, and sat back down hastily, realizing that something was seriously wrong with his ankle.  If it wasn't broken, then it was severely sprained.  It sure as hell felt broken.

He sat there for several long moments cursing his stupidity.  Then he took out his cell phone and stared at the screen.  He could call his brother to come get him, but he had no idea where he was at.  Neil had stopped paying attention to direction about the same time he started chasing the half-dressed goddess his hangover had produced.  What a genius.

There was a soft rustling sound over the dead leaves that covered the forest floor.  He looked up and saw the woman he'd been chasing, peering at him from over the top of a small bush.  She was even more beautiful up close, with big, stunning eyes the color of dark amber, and silky hair that flowed around her heart-shaped face and generously endowed torso.  He'd been right- she was wearing a tube top, and that particular piece of clothing was fairly inadequate in it's role as a shirt.  He swallowed hard.  "Uh..."  He cleared his throat feeling like an idiot.  "I'm sorry if I scared you- you know, following you around and all....but what are you doing out here?"

She compressed her lips in a thin line, as if considering what to say.  When she spoke, he wanted to sigh.  "Are you hurt?"

He looked down at his leg and grimaced.  "I'm not much of a nature person," he admitted.  "Clumsy as hell too."

She considered him for a moment, then stepped out from behind the bush where she'd been standing.  Or rather, slid.  Slid was probably the better word. Her perfect human torso melded seamlessly into the lower body of a huge serpent, its skin a smooth, deep green.

She moved closer, her torso swaying with the whip-like movements of her lower body.  He couldn't move, couldn't breathe.  Hell he was going to pass out like some scared little girl.  She held out a slender hand, interrupting his freak-out.  "Come," she said calmly.  "I'll help you get back to your car."

He hesitantly let her pull him to his feet, freezing for a moment when she slid an arm around him and pulled some of his weight against her supple torso.  Dear God in heaven, he thought fervently, please let me be sober." 

I found several Naga pics that I liked, but there was a lot of torso baring (I don't mind it, but thought some followers may feel differently), so I give you her anime brother.  


  1. Torso baring. Right. lol I have never heard of these creatures.

  2. Great short story. Will definately come back for more. Nice to meet you, calling in from A-Z Challenge.

  3. Hi, Kaye!

    My A-Z trek has landed me on your blog today! Nice to be here!

    The back ground causes me to feel like I'm out in nature!!

    Interesting story! Your blog seems most interesting. I'm sure I'll enjoy the journey! Shall return. Pleasure to follow you!

    Hope you will follow my blog!

    Enjoy the duration of the A-Z challenge!


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