Thursday, March 8, 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group- Belated post!

Yesterday was insecure writer's support group day.  I admit I failed to remember my first one as a member.  But even though it's belated, I want to acknowledge the group.  I think it's an awesome idea and a great way to connect to others with similar interests (ie: writing!).

Take a peek and support your fellow aspiring writers!


  1. I prefer Sophia myself.

    Found your blog on the A to Z list. Nice to meet you!

  2. I agree :) Nice to meet you- and I love the lips!

  3. Hi Kaye, I’m new to the IWSG family and wanted to introduce myself, #260. Since I was tagged in a little game of “Lucky 7,” I thought it would be fun to extend my tag to you. Please check out my blog when you get a chance. :)


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