Friday, January 6, 2017

Random Book Review: Wolfsong

So, I am devouring books lately. This one was hard on me. Mostly because I couldn't STOP reading the thing and it cost me sleep. Books will be the death of me.

I reviewed one of my all time favorite books last year by TJ Klune, The Lightning Struck Heart here. This book is just as amazing, but in a completely different way. The tone is nothing like LSH, but the author's awesomeness remains.

Wolfsong has this tone about it, this submersion in the character's voice and in his head that is beautiful and perfect and  straight to the point. It is a werewolf book, but like no other I've ever read, infused with Klune's amazingly awkward and TRUE hilarity, but also with a depth of emotion that was staggering. Loved it beginning to end. I am still amazed how he packed this massive story, spanning 10-12 years into one book in a way that didn't drag on, but that makes you feel like you've been following these characters for years. I felt that same awful sense of "oh no, it's over and now what will I do?" that I feel when a really good 15 book series I've been reading for years ends. It was that good.

So, enough with the gushing. Go read Wolfsong now.
Wolfsong by [TJ Klune]

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