Monday, December 18, 2017

Random Book Review: The Stormlords

I recently finished reading The Stormlords, by . Review below. 

The Storm Lords

This book is built on an interesting premise and world. In this world, the planet is plagued by "heat spells" which are periods of intense heat that are, essentially killing the planet and its inhabitants. Enter the storm lords, secret magicians who can manipulate the weather and bring storms to break up the heat spells and bring rain to the parched world. 

The story centers around a boy who cannot speak, and who is accused of murdering his parents by stealing their precious water during an intense heat spell. He learns he may be a storm lord and is taken away by a magician to train. 

But he isn't quite what they thought he was. And he might be a danger to the world. 

There is M/M romance in this book. The book isn't fast paced. It isn't full of action and suspense. If you are looking for that, you might find it slow. I found it charming, in its own way. It was a fantasy book with a bit of an almost sci-fi feel at times. The relationship betweent the storm lord and his new apprentice is sweet, slow, and gentle. There are no raging alpha males or dramatic misunderstandings. It is just a steady build to the main character discovering who he is and his place in the world. 

I also really loved the main character and the fact that he was mute. Spoiler: the author didn't magically restore his voice. And that won points in my opinion. I love to see characters with real challenges. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Wendigos, Witches and Ghouls, oh my! Get Snow Fright for just 99 cents until Saturday!

The latest installment in the Wendigo Girl Series, Snow Fright, is available for pre-order for just $0.99 until Saturday the 16th. Get it now so you can get caught up. The last book in  the series will be out before you know it! Click here for Kindle. Or click here for all other digital formats (Apple, Kobo, B&N etc.)

Tess is living on borrowed time. Hidden from the hunters who want to end her existence, she soon finds she has more than one enemy. A mysterious government organization is capturing and studying supernatural creatures to harness and use their powers—and Tess and her creatures are next on their list.

Tess never wanted to save the world. She just wants to find her missing ghoul before he starts decomposing. But the only help she can find is from some very questionable allies. All the while, she is forced to deal with a sickening love that threatens to topple Tess’s carefully erected emotional walls.

It’s all too much for one human-turned-wendigo to handle. Tess should know by now that just when she thinks her life can’t get any worse…that’s when it usually does.

*The Wendigo Girl series is a series of novellas/short novels between 40,000-50,000 words with elements of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and occasional light horror. Mature language, some sexual content, and some graphic violence.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Native American Themed Fantasy-- Cloud Short Story (Wendigo Girl)

Get to know more about how Hanging Cloud was made in my new Wendigo Girl short story, Cloud. Grab your copy for kindle here, or on Apple, Kobo, B&N and more here.

Cloud is destined to lead her people. If her grandmother has her way, Cloud will follow in her footsteps and become one the Anishinaabe tribe’s most powerful shaman. But Cloud is the chief’s daughter, two-spirited and strong-willed, and she wants nothing to do with smoke and magic and talking to the spirits with a bunch of old women.

Sure and strong, Cloud rides out with her father to participate in a meeting with the white men, who are proving to be frighteningly susceptible to the tricks of the spirit creatures around them. Lost in naive dreams of the future, Cloud wakes to a present drenched in blood.

The old ways are changing. The world she knew is gone. And it is up to Cloud to take on responsibilities she has long denied if she wants to keep her people alive.

*Cloud is a short story and is meant to be installment 3.5 of the Wendigo Girl Seriesa series of novellas/short novels between 40,000-50,000 words with elements of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and occasional light horror. Mature language, some sexual content, and some graphic violence.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Frosty Flash Fiction

I just entered the following bit of flash fiction in a contest at the Author Transformation Alliance. Click the link to vote for my story, and to check out all the other submissions! Click here.

The rules were to write 500 words or less about the picture below.

The cold bite of snow against my cheeks, reddened and frozen by the sub-zero temperatures, was like needles piercing my skin. The lower part of my mouth was covered with the wool of the scarf my grandmother had knitted for me last solstice—the only thing that kept me from inhaling the fine, frosted powder that rose up around the dogs like magic. Ice coated everything, dripping from the barren branches of the trees, encasing red berries frozen in time.

I felt sympathy for them. It was as if my own life had stopped, surrounded the stunning wintery beauty whose icy touch was death. I hauled back on the reigns in my hands, a sharp twitch that signaled the dogs to slow as we took the downward side of a sloping hill, covered in untouched snow. I should be back home, snuggled warm near the hearth, enjoying the warm spiced chocolate my grandmother made, rolling my eyes at the stories my brothers told of their many adventures. But that was all behind me now.

I craned my neck back, looking upward at the towering spires that came into view as we descended the slope. I would be frozen in terror, if I wasn’t already frozen from the long journey by myself, over snow-covered wilderness. Darkness was coming. The last of the tired sun was fading from the sky, lighting up the far hill and one side of the fortress with the illusion of warmth. I pulled the dogs to a halt in front of the towering stone edifice, made from silver-gray stone what winked with sparkling veins could as easily be ice as shimmering quartz. I thought of the warmth of my home. The love of my family.

The color of their blood against the new fallen snow.

A sound split the air, like nothing I had ever heard. It was a grating scream, like stones and flint, sharp as the crack of an icefall on a still winter day. The ground shook. Drifts of snow sifted down from the tall ramparts of the fortress. I stepped from my dogsled. I had not arrived on a dashing steed. My armor was made of wool and cotton, rather than shiny steel. But I was as deadly as any daring knight, in my own, secret way.

I threw back my hood and ripped my scarf from my face, feeling the magic of the place rise up through the frozen ground, filling me with the tang of ice and snow.
“Demon!” I shouted to the heavens. “My family lies dying because of your cursed hide. Come and meet your death!”

The creature slithered along the ramparts, nearly invisible as the last remaining rays of sun glinted off his iridescent scales and leathery wings. Talons longer than I gouged the sparkling rock as the thing screamed again.

It twisted and flowed, sinuous and deadly, down the side of the fortress. “Happy solstice, beast,” I said, smiling. My magic swelled. “It will be your last.”

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Wendigo Girl Short Story 1.5- Tommy

The third book in my snarky, foulmouthed Wendigo Girl Series will be coming out soon. In the meantime, enjoy a little backstory teaser about everyone's favorite boy-next-door-turned-ghoul, Tommy!

Tommy White is as boring and bland as his name—and that is just the way he wants it. Until he falls for Tess, a young widow with dark secrets who will destroy his carefully erected “normal” act and cost him his humanity. 

This short story is installment 1.5 in the Wendigo Girl Series. The Wendigo Girl series is a series of short novels between 40,000-50,000 words with elements of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and occasional light horror. Mature language, some sexual content, and some graphic violence. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

New Release! Creeping Beauty- Wendigo Girl Book 2

The sequel to Beauty And The Feast, Creeping Beauty, is out today! If you you enjoy urban fantasy, paranormal romance,and dark fairytales, you'll love this snarky genre-blending book!

"When will I learn to stop thinking things can’t get any worse?" 

After losing her husband and child, losing her humanity to a wendigo attack and being shackled to a couple of shadowy monster hunters, Tess just assumed life was done throwing her curve balls. She was wrong. Strange creatures are flocking to her for protection from a new hunter who insists Tess and her ghoul are abominations that are better off dead. Her pet bird might be a ghost, death is whispering in her ear and it seems Tess isn’t quite done turning into a monster. That’s just the tip of the ice burg. If people don’t stop talking about ridiculous things like responsibility and love, she just might lose her mind. Caught between humanity and darkness, Tess learns the hard way that not all humans are good, not all monsters are bad and not all stories have a happy ending.

The Wendigo Girl series is a series of short novels between 40,000-50,000 words with elements of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and occasional light horror. Mature language, some sexual content, and some graphic violence. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Free Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Happy Saturday! My paranormal romance/ contemporary fantasy romance book, Kelpie, is  free from now until September 30th. Get your copy at Smashwords by entering this code: NC97N.

When Ada wakes with a strange man in her sleeping bag, she has no idea that the dazed, dirty, and naked man is actually a Kelpie- a horse-like creature with an affinity for water. He insists that he is a fey, and that others of his kind are hunting him. Driven by an instinctive, primal fear of the unseen things moving in the forest, Ada flees the camping expedition. However, she can’t bring herself to leave the defenseless and obviously confused man to wander the woods alone. Believing him to be homeless, she plans to take him to the shelter the minute she gets back to town, but she can never quite bring herself to ditch him. 

Ada resists her attraction to the beautiful, delusional man, until an unusual gift leaves her with the ability to see through fairy glamour. Now she is forced to choose sides in the secret war between the humans and the ruthless fey-a battle in which she risks losing everything she holds dear, including the man-or beast- of her dreams.

Kelpie is a paranormal romance with fantasy elements, and will appeal to fans of paranormal romance and urban fantasy alike.

**The Come Love a Fey collection is a collection of stand-alone novels and short stories involving fairytale creatures, not of the Tinkerbelle variety. The short stories include: Pooka, Wyvern, Crow, Mer and House On The Hill. The common elements tying these stories together are magic, romance, and a whole lot of fey. Enter my world and you’ll meet a sexy man-eating waterhorse, a shape-shifting goblin, a mischievous merman, a commanding crow, a beautiful male fairy, and a fiery lady dragon—just to name a few. Come, love a fey…