Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Audiobook out today! Crow, Come Love a Fey

My newest adventure in self publishing has led to audiobook! Check out my first ever audiobook  release of my short story, Crow, available now at Amazon.
Myra's job is to help humans live alongside their fey neighbors. But what happens when one of them claims her life in exchange for those of the humans she is trying to protect?
Come Love a Fey is a collection of stand-alone novels and short stories involving fairytale creatures, not of the Tinkerbelle variety. The common elements tying these stories together are magic, romance, and a whole lot of fey. Enter my world and you'll meet a sexy man-eating waterhorse, a shape-shifting goblin, a mischievous merman, a commanding crow, a beautiful male fairy, and a fiery lady dragon, just to name a few. Come, love a fey!

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