Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Release- Darkness And Light, Earth and Sky Book 3

I've just released the next installment of my steampunk romantic fantasy saga, Earth and Sky! Book 3, Darkness and Light, is available now on Amazon, and coming soon to Smashwords for all other e-book formats. Check it out!

Caron is the strongest preternatural in the world. Or, so he thinks. Divine like himself are balanced, empathic, and semi-prophetic. He can manifest spirit wings, perform magic, and shift to any form, human or animal. Why then, is he so powerless to help those he loves? 

Yun is a broken Shifter. Unable to control his powers, he puts everyone around him at risk as he loses himself to his beast more and more every day. What’s worse, he is doomed to love a man he can never have, one who loves him back but can only suffer as he watches Yun self-destruct. 

Sylvi is a Fallen Angel with no powers. Her stunted wings and lack of magic make her a burden to her aristocratic family and a target for the stronger preternaturals around her. She has long been convinced she has no place in the world, whether among her own kind or the powerless humans—until she meets a beautiful Divine who insists she is missing part of her soul. And he knows how to find it. 

Caron struggles to unite two opposing forces and re-unite two halves of a fractured soul. If anyone can succeed, it’s him. He is a Divine after all. But he soon runs afoul of a monster more powerful than anything he has ever seen. The creature Is the deranged result of a madman’s sick experiments. And he has plans for Caron and his friends that will make Caron question even his own place in the world. 

***Books in the Earth and Sky Saga are stand alone novels, complete by themselves. Subsequent books center around different characters in the Earth and Sky world.***

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