Friday, June 14, 2013

How to Decide What to Write Next, and More Freebies

Happy Friday morning! I hope you are as thrilled about the rapidly approaching weekend as I (always) am.  I am just wrapping up a final round of edits on the last two novels I have written.  This will bring an end to my backlist.  Now the question is...what to write next?

How do you decide which of the dozens thousands millions of ideas bouncing around in your head are worthy of your immediate attention? In the past, I've always focused on whichever set of characters was the most persistent (you know, carrying on conversations, acting out scenes, jumping up and down begging for attention, and generally causing a ruckus in my mind.)  However, now that I'm putting things out there for people to read (gasp!) part of me feels like there needs to be a strategic plan.

So, how do you decide what to write? Do you listen to the voices, or try to suppress them until it's their turn?

KELPIE is free this weekend.  See my list of Freebies for the next month or so here!

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  1. Great question! Like you, I generally go with the idea that seems most developed, where the characters are talking to me and I can picture scenes and events. It's worked so far... :)


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