Saturday, December 29, 2012

Resource for Symbolism

I continue to be eagerly at work on my current novel, a story that I am in love with for it's magic and symbolism, all wrapped up with human emotion and psychology- oh, and romance, of course romance.  I was doing some internet searching today, and realized that I had never shared one of my favorite websites and blogs with you, so here it is:

What's Your Sign- I absolutely love this website, as well as her blog.  I've used this countless times to help with research/inspiration when writing.  Today I stumbled across it yet again when reading about the symbolism of butterflies.  Her blog is here.  Enjoy!

And now, after getting my space set up, my White Christmas tea steeping, and gathering some good inspiration- my husband and daughter come to stare at me with pleading looks and requests that we go out for breakfast.  Of course it is absolutely impossible to say no.  Sigh, family 1, writing time 0.


  1. Hey, all good writers need a break from themselves. And breakfast with family is an excellent excuse! :-D Happy New Year (soon) Kay. Hope you achieve all of your writing goals, and realize a dream or two, in 2013.

  2. Great site--thanks for the link!


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