Friday, February 24, 2012

Motivation- Use Your Strengths Part 2

This is a continuation of a blog topic that I began to help provide motivation and help you take a look at your strengths and how they can assist you on your journey. Each post is centered around a response gathered from individuals who have suffered a severe injury.  I thought their responses were insightful. The question was: What are your strengths and how have they helped you?

 Having a calm demeanor when discussing things that are tough. Don't get worked up when things don't turn out as expected.

Wow. I think everyone could stand to apply this in all aspects of their life... but we're talking writing here so I'll limit it to that. When you are wrestling with plotting, trying to get the ideas on paper, when characters don't want to behave (see my post about them talking to you), when you get brutally honest feedback from a beta reader or critique group (emphasis here on brutal), a rejection (or five, or one hundred) from an agent or publisher,notes from editors, bad book reviews, even your aunt Enis commenting on how making up stories isn't a job- stay calm. Breathe. Take a walk. Center yourself and say thank you. Most of these types of feedback are meant to help you.  It's hard not to be defensive or reactive, but a calm approach is almost always more productive than a childish outburst. Have those where no one can see you. Do tell aunt Enis to stuff it though. Writing is a job and a damned fine one at that! Someone has to make up for her lack of imagination.

In difficult situations, I recommend one of the following- and always remember, if you can't handle the situation yourself, call in a professional.

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