Thursday, April 20, 2017

Be open, persevere, and ask a ton of questions!

April A to Z Blogging Challenge, hosted here.

My theme this year is exploring the link between mental health and creativity. See my stance on this here.

Oh Gods I've fallen behind this work with a heavy work schedule and some flagging motivation. Catch-up post!

 Openess    Perseverance   Questions

Three very important self-development words that will make you a better writer (or creator in any sense).

In order to succeed in any endeavor, and to really be able to live your potential fully, you need to be open to new ideas, different ways of thinking, and open to the challenge that inevitably arises whenever you are seeking growth or change. You have to persevere, get back up again and again and trust that the end product will be worth it. And you need to question everything--which really brings you back around to being open to whatever information or new ideas you uncover with your persevering, open mind.

It is an interesting and counterintuitive idea, that of being at once open, strong, and inquisitive--words that at a glance seem to engender different emotions or states of being. But that is what life, and art are all about. That magical balance of often contradictory states and ideas.

Happy Writing!

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  1. What connects these concepts - openness, perseverance and questions (all words I connect with very strongly) is the ability to be flexible. You cannot be happy if you have a closed mind, you cannot survive if you give up every time you stumble, and you cannot grow if you don't question and stay open to the possibility of change. We have to be willing to reexamine our lives every day and see what fits us best now, how we can adapt ourselves to what we can't change, and what we do have the power to change. I wish we all grew up being taught to embrace change rather than fear it. The dinosaurs couldn't/didn't adapt, and we know how that worked out! :-) Great catch-up post!

    Josie Two Shoes: R is for Raine


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