Sunday, August 14, 2016

New e-book out today! Rise and Fall, Earth and Sky Book 2

When I wrote Earth and Sky, I wrote it with a nice happy ending. But I always knew there was so much more to this world, so many ideas living inside my head. So I am beyond geeked out to share with you that the EARTH AND SKY SAGA is now... a saga. Book 2, RISE AND FALL comes out today, and there are two more books soon to follow.

Book 2 follows the story of Wren and Ville's children, Henrick and Win as they get up to the sort of trouble only the Varg-Wei family can. Forbidden love, magic, and just a touch of steampunk. Oh--and there's airship pirates...

      The war has ended, but the world isn't the peaceful utopia the Fallen emperor and Shifter queen envisioned for their powerful mixed-breed children.
      Henrick knew there would be trouble when he followed his sister to a shady tavern on the border lands, but he never imagined his fiery twin's penchant for mayhem could be quite this bad.
      Drawn into his sister's mischief, Henrick helps her elope with her human lover—a man of an outcast race who is little more than a slave. But Henrick soon finds himself swept up in a taboo love affair of his own—and race and social class are the least of his problems.
      While attempting save the lives of his soulmate and his sister from the hands of slavers and air pirates, Henrick finds himself embroiled in the machinations of a madman—a Shifter bent on framing Henrick and Win's parents for murder and starting a world war. Now he must journey into the desert wastes and through the infamous Floating City to save the ones he loves.

      A big brother's work is never done.

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