Monday, June 13, 2016

Earth and Sky Extra- Morning Mischief

Morning Mischief
Kaye Draper

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Wren indulged in a full-body stretch, warm and content. It was new to her, waking up slowly to warmth and happiness, rather than weariness and war. She turned her head, pillowed on her lover’s arm, to find Ville regarding her with a soft smile. “Good morning,” the Fallen Angel breathed, reaching out to tuck a curl behind her ear.

Wren smiled back, like a child presented with candy. “Were you watching me sleep?”

He winked at her. “Actually, I was hoping you would wake up soon.” He arched an eyebrow and sent a meaningful glance toward the surface where she slept.

Win gasped when she realized that she was lying on one raven-black wing. She must have rolled onto it in the night. “Oh Gods! I’m sorry!”
Ibbe curled her lip as the scent of roasted meet wafted at her. The angel-winged Fallen moved the tray she carried out to one side to avoid the fumes. Their guest was depraved. What kind of creature actually ate seared cow flesh? She heaved a mental sigh.

Cresting the top of the winding staircase that led from the more public areas of the Aerie, she made her way down the cool corridor toward Ville’s private suite. Thankfully, Ville had left before dawn yesterday to lead practice drills with some young recruits, and wasn’t expected back until this afternoon. She wouldn’t have to worry about interrupting anything…not that she allowed herself to even think about what she might be interrupting. 

She stifled a shudder. What was her cousin thinking, letting the enemy into his bed? He was the empeor for the love of the Gods!

She raised a hand to knock on the wooden door, but stopped when she heard a distinctive hiss from the other side of the portal.

“Get off it!” Ville’s deep voice urged, somewhat breathless. “It’s gone numb.”

Wren’s voice warbled with a mixture of humor and horror. “Oh—Oh Gods, I’m sorry. I’m not used to this yet.”

Ville moaned. “Neither am I. I’m used to waking up alone.”

“Gods, it’s so huge, I can barely lift it. Wait…does rubbing it help?” Wren asked, her voice urgent.

“Yes. That feels wonderful!” Ville groaned and Ibbe felt herself flush. “Don’t stop, the feeling’s coming back,” he all but purred in that rich bass.

“I’m getting on top,” Wren said firmly.

A laugh and a stifled grunt from Ville. “Not so rough. No—yes, harder. Oh Gods!”

“Oh be quiet and take it like a man. You’re being dramatic,” the Shifter demanded.

“Oh—“ He let out an ecstatic moan and silence descended.

Wren froze at the sound of a crash outside the bedroom door. Patting Ville’s back, she climbed off the bed and went to see what the commotion was.

She opened the door and glanced from the scattered tray of food to Ville. “The hallway is empty. What was that all about?”

He shrugged and rolled his shoulders around experimentally extending and flexing his wings. “Thanks for the massage. The wing muscles feel much better now.”

Downstairs, Ibbe reached the dining room, her wings half spread in agitation, and found her brother lounging at the table reading the paper. “Don’t go upstairs,” she advised with a shudder. Shifters are such beasts. She’s…so aggressive!”  

Marshall grinned at his sister’s flaming cheeks. She was a warrior, but she could be such a prude sometimes. “Well in that case, maybe I should...”

Ibbe narrowed her eyes at him then gave him a simpering smile. He had made the same mistake Ibbe had in thinking the girl was alone. “Well, you could…but I think Ville’s got it handled.”

Marshall sank back in his seat and sighed. “Ah well. Can’t blame a man for trying.”

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