Friday, January 30, 2015

E-Book Freebie This Weekend

I've been so busy lately that my poor little baby blog has been neglected. I'm thinking of gearing up and taking part in the Blogging From A-Z April Challenge.  I've really enjoyed writing little bits of flash creature fiction for this in the past, and getting to "meet" new people on-line.  Click the link for the sign up page.
Comment if you're participating this year and I'll try to make sure to check out your posts!  Also, if you have any fun blog hops coming up, I'd love to hear about them!

This weekend, my E-book, Redemption, will be free from Amazon.  If you need the kindle app, available for any device, see the headers at the top of my blog for the link!

    “You have five days to find the key, or death will visit your waking world.”  Rebecca is trapped in an endless dream- and the grim reaper wants to play.
    Rebecca must fight her way through a series of fantastic creatures who force her to face her deepest pain and her innermost fears as she searches for the key to her escape.  She finds an unlikely ally along the way- a beautiful man named Isaac who is also trapped in this nightmare world of hydras, lamia, and sadistic hooded death.  They struggle on together, revealing their darkest secrets, each finding strength and purpose in the other.  The two broken souls soon discover that this fantasy world is more than a dream, and that one of them is running out of time.
    Rebecca finds the key to their escape and returns to the waking world- alone.  Now she must use her newfound knowledge to return Isaac’s soul to the world of the living, before it’s too late.
    REDEMPTION is fantasy romance with a contemporary feel.  It explores the breadth and depth of the human spirit- and the idea that we are all capable of redemption.  This novel contains explicit scenes (language, adult concepts, and sexual content), and is for mature readers only.

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