Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"A Jug Fills Drop By Drop"

In a previous post, I set some goals for myself for 90 days.  I'm about 30 days in and it's been a struggle.  I'm struggling with writing, I'm struggling at work.... I'm just plain struggling with everything. And I don't have much fight left in me!  I feel like I am not making any progress on my WIP.  Of course, I AM making progress.  It's just that it's very SLOW progress. I'm working more hours at a more stressful job and I feel like it's taking everything I've got. 

I've narrowed much of the problem down to one thing.  When I feel stressed/pressured/unhappy, I immediately stop taking care of myself.  Which is the worst possible thing I could do, right?  But that's what I do.  Because time spent meditating, sleeping, and exercising is time that I won't have for writing or family. And of course then I don't do any of those things, and I'm a tired, stressed, unhealthy mess and can't write or be a good mom/wife.  It's a vicious cycle. And one I'm having a lot of trouble breaking.

I'm sure we all struggle with this.  How do you find balance in your life without feeling bitter and cheated (ie: my damned day job is stealing my life!) ?


  1. Honestly? I changed jobs. Once I traded in my soul-destroying job for one that I love, everything turned around. I know that's not always a viable option, but if you can set aside even 30 minutes a day to do something just for you, something you love, maybe that will help you feel better. Also, try not to beat yourself up when you're not meeting your writing goals. This too shall pass...

    1. Thanks Lara. I hope I can get myself on track soon.


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