Monday, April 8, 2013

G is For Glorious, Gifted, and Germanic

Happy G day from the A-Z Challenge.  More reasons to take a non-human lover (NH for short).

Gibber-jabber- They aren't big on it.  Most NH are direct and to the point.  (wink)
Glorious- I think that one's obvious.
Gifted- NH have a vast array of supernatural abilities.
Gusto- oh boy
Germanic-.....wait, what? Yes, Germanic.  These NH tend to be some of the kinkiest things alive.  Heard of the krampus, have you? Look at the tongue on that thing! Though I admit my view of that creature may be slightly colored by an episode of The Venture Brothers....but I digress.

During the blogging challenge, I've stumbled upon the artwork of Hei Se Jin Yao.  Love. Love. LOVE.


  1. Haha, great options for NH G! I love your theme.

    From A to Z, Kristen's blog:

  2. I stopped by from the A to Z challenge. You picked a very creative theme and this post made me laugh, thanks!


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