Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Brazen

Day two of the A to Z challenge, and I'm ready to finally settle on a theme :)  I want to share with you a topic  that I am very passionate about.  In the interest of furthering positive relations between supernatural races and humans, I've decided to educate the general public.  And so, I bring you.... drumroll.... The Benefits of Dating a Non-human (or NH, as they prefer to be called.)  Since yesterday's post was dedicated to Arlee, we'll begin this discussion with the letter B.  (Suggestive themes below.)


In case you aren't already aware, let me tell you, your supernatural significant other- weather fey, or vampire, or fallen angel- is bound to be more brazen than any human you've ever dated.  Be forewarned.  This is something you want to be aware of before the 'ol BFF pops into your family dinner in his birthday suit.  And don't even think about buying your nymph one of those hot little bras from Victoria secret- she just won't understand.  To non-humans, uh NH, that sort of thing is just wrong.  They are the epitome of "love your body,"  and "whatever makes you happy."

Also be prepared for unapologetic displays of affection.  I know this girl once, who was just minding her own business, out for a stroll in the park with her NH.  Next thing you know, she's being fined for public indecency....

Ooh, la-la! Brazen Burlesque Fairies, 1883 style!


  1. I like that picture!

    I have seen it a few times and I always wonder about the women in it.

    Brazen is a great B word!

    Tim Brannan
    The Other Side and The Witch
    Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword
    The Freedom of Nonbelief

  2. Oh yeah. NHs are terrible when it comes to conforming to societal norms. :-D

  3. LOL....what could be better then an imaginery girl or boyfriend?



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