Thursday, March 21, 2013


I've come to a decision.  After some serious conversation with myself (yes, some of it out loud), I have decided to try e-publishing a few of my novels!

I'm both excited and scared senseless all at the same time.

Excited because, well, someone out there might actually read my book.

Scared senseless because they might hate it.

Excited because they might like it.

Scared because this is all so new to me.

But in the end, said novel accomplishes nothing sitting on my hard drive.  If one single person out there reads and likes it, well, at least then it can feel a sense of accomplishment (novels have feelings too, you know).

So, now I'm in a whirlwind of business. Edit the novel, update and re-vamp the blog, start a Facebook page for my writer self, and prioritize what to do from here.  Its going to be a big experiment, but I feel good actually doing something, like this is a small step forward.

How many of you have done the same?

My face right now!


  1. Exciting news! I look forward to hearing how you get everything ready to go :)

  2. Go for it! Look forward to hearing how it goes.

  3. Brilliant. I've self-published my books, and felt all the emotions you're feeling. But once you've done it, you'll feel great, especially when people you don't know give you 5* Amazon reviews :D

    1. Thanks! I needed that. I keep going from "Yay" to "What have I done?!"

      All that typical writer insecurity :)


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