Friday, February 1, 2013

Insecure Writers Support Group

I'm posting early, but as always I'm paranoid I'll forget.  I've went through a lot of insecurity since our last "meeting."  I had a manuscript out for nearly six months and, I'll admit, got my hopes up way too high.  That was one of my bigger crashes.  She that soars the highest has the farthest to fall?  I can't help it- every time I think this is it, for sure!

One of my steps to recovery has been to go out seeking more education and resources to improve my writing (I think the ego took a big hit- not as great at this as you thought, now were you?!)  This has turned out to be a great thing, actually, as it led me to find a community and resource base that I'm finding to be very valuable and interacting with the other writers there has been very enjoyable.  My mopey condition took a turn for the better while reading a forum board that was a public service announcement for abused and neglected characters. I laughed out loud.  Repeatedly. And I realized I have a lot in common with these other crazy people- not the least of which is that I'm sure we've all suffered at least one or two rejections that were more crushing than most (even if only on the part of our ego).  

So, my insecurity that I suck at this and my dreams will NEVER come true is slowly fading.  I'm having fun learning new things, brushing up on old things, and tearing apart the two works that I currently have approaching completion (which is something I've never actually ENJOYED before). 

The community is Forward Motion For Writers.  While I initially joined for the sole purpose of getting some feedback on The Manuscript That Failed Me, I found so many other things on the site that I feel like it's Christmas all over again- you know, sans the annoying family and hours spent in the kitchen... though there WERE cookies when I was still in my mopey phase.  Chocolate and nerdy humor cures all :0  Check out the site, I bet you'll enjoy it.  (Note that not all things are visible if you aren't a member and logged in.)

PS: In the forums there is a nice link to a podcast/video of a Dan Wells seven-point story structure lecture.  It wasn't really new information, but did prompt me to go analyze my mannies.  I enjoyed the presentation.


  1. (((hugs)))

    Just remember, this is a subjective business. I'm glad you found a good forum of people to talk with, and the fact that you have picked yourself up from this setback and are moving forward means you're already successful!

  2. I do the same thing when I get discouraged about writing 'stuff'. I dig out books on craft, listen to my favorite writing podcasts, etc. Just try to get re-energized and going again. I think it's a great habit to have formed.

    You'll do it Kaye if you keep at it, guaranteed. There are no timetables and cutoff dates to you achieving your goals (and if there are, readjust them so there aren't). Your persistence and desire to get better are going to see your through. Just don't ever give up.

  3. Rejections like that can be so tough, but I'm glad your insecurity is fading. :)

  4. I have a MS that's been out nearly 9 months and I have no idea what to think. Maybe I've been overlooked. In the meantime, I keep writing and expanding my experience. Rejections stink! I also have found a wonderful local writing community that is so FAB! So glad you found one too! No writer should be w/o one.

  5. Rejection is hard but it looks like you found a good way to redirect your energy by finding looking into writerly related things.

  6. Oh my gosh... it's *such* an emotional journey... I know that the best thing I've done is immerse myself in learning the craft and being okay with not being "there" yet... it's still a reminder I have to tell myself every day...

  7. Aww... you guys are all so awesome. *group hug*

  8. "Chocolate and nerdy humor cures all". I so LOVE that cause it's true. :-)

    And this journey to publication thing is hard. That your open to accepting and applying the feedback you receive is a sign that your on the right path.

    It may be hard, but it's worth it. Never give up. Ever.

    Also, while I was in the querying phase, I came up with a method to make those rejections easier. Every time I got a rejection, I allowed myself to get a new book, either a free eBooks or one I really wanted even though my To Read shelf is packed.

    Good luck, Kaye.

  9. Good you found that group! And yes, chocolate does help. Sorry you went through such an emotional rollercoaster. When I started, I thought writing was one of the least stressful jobs around. Boy, my opinion has changed since then! Hold on there. You're not alone.

  10. Thanks for the link -- I'll have to check this out.

    Rejection hurts. I try not to be mopey, but hey, sometimes I need an excuse for a chocolate and wine binge.

    I try to keep myself in the mindframe that writing is supposed to be about telling a story, not about making a bazillion dollars. When I reframe writing like that, critiques don't hurt so bad. I want to improve my storytelling, right? And if that helps me become a bazillionaire, so much the better :)


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