Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cat Adams- Siren Song

I don't usually do book reviews, but I just finished a great book and wanted to share.  I'm on vacation this week, something that rarely ever happens, and I took the time to catch up on some reading.  Siren Song isn't a new book, but it's been on my list for some time now.  I read and enjoyed Blood Song when it first came out.  I admit I wasn't completely hooked on the book, but I did enjoy it and I had hopes that it would build as the series grew.  I was not disappointed by the second book, Siren Song.  Loved it. 

My one complaint of the first book was that I really could have used more romance in the mix.  There was more in this one, and I'm hoping a bit more in the next.  The plot was more complex in this second book and the sirens are just plain cool.  Vampire siren? Yes please. 

The third book, Demon Song, is also out.  Check them out!

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