Friday, May 11, 2012

Writing is Hard Work- and I'm Glad

It occurred to me, some time ago, that nothing in my life has ever been easy.

Seriously.  Just once, I would like for someone to hand me a million bucks and a gold star.  No, I wouldn't.  And here is where the true insight comes in: If the things you really want- all your dreams and hopes and inner desires- were easy to come by, it would cheapen them somehow. They wouldn't be special anymore.

Writing is hard work.  Its mental torture, a sickness really.   Its a roller coaster of highs and lows that makes you lose sleep and doubt your sanity. But there is nothing in the world that I want more (you know, aside from a healthy family, immortality and world peace...). One day, I will look back on all my hard work and know that I deserve any good thing that comes of it- because I worked my ass off to get there.

This post makes me think of my Dad (he was one of the hard things).  We used to watch the Red Green Show together when I was younger.  In the words of the venerable Red:  

"Keep your stick on the ice.  Remember, I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together."


  1. Wow,Kaye you really do have a passion for writing!

    Writing for me comes in spurts. I've written one book. I self published it in January of 2011. It was an incredible challenge since, I never really thought of myself as a book writer. I've always kept journals and written poetry; however, to sit down and write a book never even dawned on me until one day- the thought to do so arrived!

    I amazed myself and learned a great deal from doing so! The challenge equipped me to become a better writer. Even though I haven't had any thought since then of writing another book - other than poetry, I look forward to the next arrival of thought!

    Your passion for writing is intense and in my book incredible!

  2. Oh by the way. I'm letting all my followers know about my new blog! Hope you will pay it a visit and become my new follower!


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