Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Vârcolac, W is for Werewolf

Vârcolac (Romanian) -  werewolf

    I slowly backed away, hands spread before me to ward off the beast.  He closed the distance between us, his big paws with their thick, sharp claws silent on the layers of leaves and moss.  The wolf lashed his tail, aggression and irritation apparent in his every move.  Maybe I'd gone too far this time.

    His outline wavered.  I fetched up against a tree and halted, trapped.  His slow, deliberate steps never faltered as his legs lengthened, and he began to walk upright, his figure becoming that of a broad shouldered, narrow waisted- and very naked- man.  His green eyes were snapping with anger behind the wild brown hair that had fallen forward over his brow.  I bit my lip to keep from whimpering. 

   He closed the distance between us and grasped my wrists, pulling my hands down, out of the way.  His face was inches from mine and the full length of his glorious body pressed against me. "You are done running," he breathed.  I turned my head, trying to escape those compelling eyes, and his hot breath stirred the hair by my ear.  I suppressed a shudder.

  He was right, damn his black soul, I had done nothing but run for as long as I could remember.  I knew as well as he did just what I wanted, but admitting it was something else.  He was right to be angry, frustrated and fed up with my behavior. Coward that I was,  I couldn't even tell him I was afraid.  Afraid of him.  Afraid of my weakness.  Afraid of that I could never really be part of his world. 

   "Look at me," his deep voice was barely more than a growl.  I drew together every shred of courage I could muster, and met his glowing eyes. 

   I knew what he would do, and I beat him to it, leaning forward to close the distance between us.  Our lips met, and heat flared up where our bodies touched.  He tangled his hands in my hair and flattened me against the tree.  I pushed back, dropping my defenses, letting go of my fear.  I might not be human when this night ended, but I wouldn't be afraid anymore. 

And because this pic just cracked me up: 

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