Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Old Shuck

             Old Shuck (British, Irish, Scotch)- A huge black dog with eyes that glow yellow or red, seeing this dog signals a death within the year. Also described as a dog the size of a horse with one burning eye in the center of its forehead.The dog makes no sound, it does not chase and rarely attacks, it just appears silently and then disappears, after which the viewer may fall mentally or physically ill.
            Simply viewing the dog is always an omen of great change, usually a death omen but not necessarily for the viewer. Attempting to touch or interact with the dog seems to increase the chances of injury or death for the viewer, as does having the ability to hear it howl.
           If the dog appears to a group of people, some members of the group may be unable to see it and only those close to death will hear a sound, something like the howling wind or a crying baby.
At times the dog may appear as a guide for those who are lost and far from home, he may also act as guardian of the dead known as a Church Grim.

    I stumbled across this creature and thought it was really cool, especially in that it can be such an ominous figure, but could also represent change or be a guide for the lost (oooh, so versatile!)  *drifts off into imagination...*
Anyway, today has been a long day.  So instead of a story, here is my brain storm session:
 -He can be a death omen, but not always for the viewer, can be a sign of change, can be a guide to the lost
-I'm thinking a guide to the lost sounds cool- maybe my old shuck can be a guide to lost spirits (either literally or figuratively)
-One bit of info I read says they are found near cemeteries and churches, etc.  I think  old shuck attaches himself to a young (ish) boy who has lost someone dear to him
-They then wander about finding and helping lost souls
-Old shuck likes to eat bologna.  The ring kind.  He hates the flat kind.
-His breath smells like change
-Cats hate him
-He poops concentrated vengeance

 ( http://redwald.blogspot.com/2011/05/bestiary-entry-scuccahund-demon-dog.html)


  1. "his breathe smells like change" is a fantastic line! And a cool creature to feature!

  2. This is an interesting mythical animal. The image looks a bit frightening.

    You know what? I have often wondered how a person could be mentally ill since there is no physical organ present. There is the brain, of course, but where is the mental? Makes one wonder anyway.

    1. Oh I could tell you where the mental is... believe me you me! :)

      Anatomically speaking, though, it's in the sub-cockles of the psyche, right below the absurd and to the left of the deranged.

      Trust me- I'm a medical professional...

  3. I have wanted to use Old Shuck in one of my games for a long time. I should come up with something; you have given me some inspiration.


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