Critique Groups

I am Critter.  You should be a Critter too.

 If you are looking for a critique group, check out Critters. I am a member of the romance workshop, and have been a member of the sci-fi/fantasy workshop in the past. I like the structure of this group, as well as the ability to post either a chapter or two at a time or a request for a whole novel critique.  There are lots of different workshops for a wide variety of genres, so you should be able to find a good home.

The romance workshop is relatively new, and needs new members.  So, if you are interested in getting your work critiqued, and in gaining some valuable experience critiquing the work of other writers, please join us!

In addition, I've found good feedback at AQ Connect, where you can post your query letter for critique, and get experience by critiquing the letters of other members.  I have loved my experiences there.  Feedback is quick, and helpful.  Make sure to give as well as receive though.  No slacking!  :)

I promise, it's not really that scary....


  1. I'm on critters too, and at first I LOVED it, but as time went on I backed off. Lame, right? Well, renewed by your advice I might have to jump back in. =)

    1. I think the value of a critique group depends a lot on where you are at the current moment in your writing. The first time I put a book through Critters, it just ended up a hot mess. But now I've learned when to send something, what advice to use, and what to ignore. It also really helps if you explore the different workshops until you get just the right fit. I ended up switching from the Sci-fi group to the romance group and found that was a good switch for me to make, even though my books could conceivably be a good fit in either genre.


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